How to add Scoring and Hint to your template?

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Assigning Scores to questions

1. Assigning scores to individual questions lets you understand the performance of individual questions as well as gives you an overview of how your template has performed at a location

2. You can assign a score either in the excel upload file or you can even directly assign them on the system

3. To assign scores to a question in excel, go to the "Option" column of a question and add the score by adding “::” followed by the score. For eg. Yes::1 No:: 0 

4. To assign scores, on the system directly click on the “Edit” button for a question and enter a score

Adding Hints to a question

1. Hint helps in providing your team members with information on specific items that you want them to capture while they conduct an inspection . 

2. Hints can be shown in the form of images or a URL. To add a media file as a hint click on “Add/upload media”

3. You will get a popup to Add the URL or upload any Image, you can select the type of hint you want to add to the question

4. Once you have added the Hint, click “Save”. This will ensure that all your changes have been saved successfully

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