Where can I see the status of assigned actions?

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1) By Using the Action Tracking Dashboard, you can review the trends and Action Resolution overtime as well as get a quick overview of the status of all Action raised by the Team


2) Once you have logged in, Click on Reports and then on Actions Tab. 


4) You will now see a dashboard view with the action data organised under different statuses 


Note : The details of all the teams i.e “All actions” can only be viewed by the user who has the Super Admin access 


5) We will now go through each of the statuses


a) "To Do" shows the numbers of Actions that are assigned to the team however they are pending to be completed


b) "In Progress" shows Actions which have been acted upto however they are in progress and needs to be completed


c) "Overdue" shows all Actions which have not been completed within the given deadline 


Note : For all overdue Actions, the Assignee would not be able to open and complete the action. They would need to request the Admin to extend the deadline so that they can complete and close those actions.


d) "Can't Do" shows the number of Actions that can’t be completed by the person whom the Action is assigned to


e) "Completed"  will show the count of all Actions that have been completed and fixed by the respective teams


f) “Reviewed” shows the number of actions that have been completed by the team and reviewed by a  higher management / Authority


6) In case the Action needs to be reassigned or the deadline needs to be changed, the user with the admin access can click on the Action that requires the change and then edit the Date Field


7) This page keeps a record of all the communication that has taken place around the particular Action. So managers can quickly go to the Action page and view any Activity if required

8) You can also export all the Actions created along with their details such as Action status, Action Created Date, Action Completed Date, Action completed by and so on. You can simply take an export by clicking on the get export button


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